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At BRSH Collective we are dedicated to making sustainable, biodegradable, organic bamboo toothbrushes and aim to add some style to the twice a day ritual we (hopefully) all do. Wherever your journey takes you, from from a one night stop, to a global tour , brighten up your bathroom, wash bag, or travel kit and {Be bold, smile, bright, BRSH}.

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The BRSH store is now open. So why not make a small change today and reduce your plastic consumption. Buy your brush and join the collective, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @brshcollective and share your adventure #brshcollective.

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  • Happy Easter! Don't forget to brush after all those chocolate eggs today! #happyeaster #easter #twiceaday #eggs #easterbunny

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  • Guess where's next!? #china #travel #toothbrush #twiceaday #brshcollective

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